Privacy policy

Personal information protection policy

Please read before the following before using the “TUBE Sq” facilities (hereinafter referred to as the “Facilities”) operated by Tube Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and the TUBE Sq website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). Users of the Company’s services, including the reservation, membership registration and document request systems, consent to the personal information protection policy of the Company.

February 28, 2017 Tube Inc.

Scope of personal information

The company obtains personal information from the following sources.

  1. Personal information collected in the course of business related to reservations, etc. via telephone, FAX, letters, the internet, e-mails, etc.
  2. Personal information provided during membership registration, applications for campaigns, upon check-in and check-out and in answering questionnaires
  3. Personal information obtained through interaction with guests during their stays or while providing services
  4. Other personal information obtained by the Company while providing services

Purposes of use of personal information

The Company uses personal information for the following purposes.

  1. Provision of services related to the Facilities and the Website and related support
  2. Introduction of information on products, services, events and other business activities
  3. Responding to inquiries and document requests
  4. Implementation of prize sweepstakes and campaigns
  5. Provision of rights and fulfillment of obligations under laws and regulations
  6. Product and service improvement analysis
  7. Other uses clearly stated when personal information is obtained

Use and provision of personal information

General rules

  1. Personal information is generally not used or provided for purposes other than the above. We always notify and obtain consent from data subjects before using/providing personal information for purposes other than above. We will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the data subject. However, please note that personal information may be disclosed to comply with the law when its disclosure is requested by legal authorities, such as the police or a court of law.
  2. We comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information.
  3. In order to adequately protect personal information, we strive to continuously improve our personal information protection mechanisms.

Outsourcing of personal information

We may provide personal information when outsourcing services to external business partners. We carefully select and supervise the organizations to which services are outsourced and attempt to manage personal information appropriately via the terms of the outsourcing agreements and other means.

Management of personal information

We attempt to continuously implement necessary technological and organizational safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and unauthorized leakage, loss, destruction, and/or falsification of personal information.

Continuous personal information security measures

The Company implements the following measures on a continuous basis to protect personal information.

  1. Provides training on compliance with laws related to personal information protection and other norms to executive officers and all staff members (employees, contract employees, dispatched workers, part-time staff, etc.).
  2. Efforts under the previous clause, the company rules, and personal information protection operations will be improved in accordance with changes in laws and regulations and the social environment.
  3. The efforts under clause 1 above are described on the Website to make them accessible to guests at all times.


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